Terrence Taps to Rural Texas

[March 19th, 2019]

The Arts For Rural Texas invited Terrence Taps to Fayette County to perform at La Grange and Fayetteville ISD. 

Terrence Taps promotes the art of tap dance by performing at a wide array of venues including schools, preschools, libraries, & arts festivals. Terrence Taps works as a roster artist with Young Audiences Woodruff Arts Center, & with D.A.R.E. Dance.

In addition to performing, Terrence Taps often travels the country to offer intensive rhythm tap workshops, tap dance school assemblies, and tap dance summer reading performances at libraries.

Finally, he uses the Internet to provide resources and encouragement to tap dancers the world over via the internet. 

Benefits of tap dancing: 

For kids and adults alike, tap is extremely beneficial to cognitive functioning. It increases your memory through having to remember steps and put them together in the order that they are shown to you. Your senses of rhythm and timing are also guaranteed to increase the more you pursue dancing. This is especially true for tap dance, which forces you to listen to both the specific rhythms from your feet and the music playing to create the performance.