Past Events


February 11 at the Grand Fayette Hotel 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Well, YOU won't actually have to sing. Enjoy a supper worth singing for from Executive Chef George Valtasaros as you are serenaded by members of the Houston Grand Opera as they "Sing for THEIR Supper”. 

The Houston Grand Opera to Go will be in the area performing at Fayetteville ISD and Round Top ISD on 2/11 and at Weimar ISD and St. Rose School in Schulenburg on 2/12. These free performances are provided for the students in our communities by Arts for Rural Texas.


Country Roast



House Salad


Dessert: Chocolate Cake

$20 per person + tax and gratuity (paid at the restaurant; drinks not included).

201 W Fayette St

Fayetteville, TX 78940

(713) 818-9766 

Grand Fayette Hotel

2018 Events

Best & Rising Stars of Fayetteville's Artists' Colony


January 27 – Febuary 3, 2018 Best & Rising Stars of Fayetteville's Artists' Colony Exhibit

ARTS Jazz Brunch


February 11, 2018 Jazz Brunch 11AM-2PM at Grand Fayette Hotel

Don't miss out if it is not too late.

Fayetteville will be rocking, or jazzing, on the weekend of February 9th - 11th culminating in a very special Jazz brunch at the Grand Fayette Hotel on Sunday with live music from jazz pianist Robert Sanders. Delicious food and drink are included and $50 of every ticket sold goes to support the children's programs of ARTS. It is a perfect Valentine Mardi Gras celebration and all your friends will be there. It will be a hoot!

Prosecco & Pajamas


Febuary 09 – 10, 2018 "Prosecco & Pajamas" fundraiser sponsored by The Pajama Princess Friday 5 PM - 9 PM Saturday 10 AM - 7 PM

Start off the weekend Friday and Saturday with fun at the "Prosecco and Pajamas" event at ARTS, also benefiting children's programs. (20 % of all sales go to ARTS). These up-scale pajamas, which are sold at the highest end retailers and shows like the Nutcracker Christmas Show in Houston, are the back drop for a lovely afternoon stroll,sip, and shop.

ArtWalk Special Guest Artist in Ross Gallery


May 5 – 6, 2018 From First Threads to "Threadplay" to Today -Libby Lehman

ArtWalk is on the horizon and we have a very special quilt show featured this year in the Ross Gallery during ArtWalk to go along with the many original artists on the square. Don Mendel and Alisa have secured the works of Libby Lehman who actually has one of her creations hanging in the Smithsonian. Tell your

quilting friends.

This will be a rare opportunity to see and be inspired by the works of world famous quilter, Libby Lehman. On display will be some of Libby's "first threads" as well as art quilts. In the 1970's Libby Anthony Lehman began the journey of a lifetime as she attended quilt classes with her mother in Houston. Her mother went on to open a quilt store with friends. Libby went on to become a master quilter, a lecturer and teacher, an author, and an innovator in quilt design and execution.

In 1988 an extraordinary art quilt entitled "Joy Ride", by Libby Lehman, won Best in Show at the Houston International Quilt Festival, founded by Karey Bresenhan. Karey, founder also of the Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange, was quoted in the September 2011 Texas Monthly magazine as saying of Libby, "As the nineties rolled in, quilters began experimenting with all sorts of sizes, dyes, materials, and embellishments. Libby Lehman forever altered the public's perception of machine quilting. She popularized thread painting, using a sewing machine to embellish the surface of the quilt. As you can see, it gives the work a beautiful luminosity. There's a structural form to her design, but it is covered in free-form stitching. This was groundbreaking, and "Joy Ride" was later chosen by industry experts as one of the twentieth century's one hundred best American quilts."

This should be a no miss event for all local quilters and we hope encourage many quilters from all over Texas and beyond to visit our lovely town on ArtWalk weekend.

Thank you Alisa and Don!

Houston Grand Opera "Sing for Your Supper"


Febuary 19, 2018 Houston Grand Opera "Sing for Your Supper" at Grand Fayette Hotel

Houston Grand Opera is returning to Fayette County on February 19th and 20th. They will perform four performances at local schools and once again for us at a "Sing for Your Supper" event at the Fayette Grand Hotel Monday night on the 19th. That was so fun last year. Fortunately this year Chef George has agreed to open that Monday to serve his delicious food while we are serenaded. This is a don't miss event and we have one more in April I'll explain later.

This Fine Art Assembly and lovely evening for adults is made possible because the new owners of the hotel, Joan and Jerry Herring and Mary and Evan Quiros have generously, very generously, continued the tradition of donating the facility to make this possible. They are carrying on the Heimsath's tradition of dedicated their facility to bringing the arts to children here in Fayette County by donating use of the rooms. Wow, are the performers going to be floored when they see the renovations. They already loved Fayetteville's hospitality; the best according to the troop. I can't wait to see their faces when they see the 5 star accommodations now.

What you should know is ARTS simply could bring this large troop without help; logistically and financially. Please thank the Quiros, the Herrings, and also the Heimsaths for doing it for so many previous years. The kids do because it is truly their favorite FAA we bring each year. I assure you, I too was surprised at first until I witnessed it over and over again. Michelle and I love their visits. You will too at dinner on February 19th.

Where else in Fayette County can we share gourmet food and wine while listening to live opera; only in Fayetteville!

Another great partnering of local businesses and organizations to make Fayetteville a very special place to belong indeed.