JAZZ BRUNCH II at the Grand Fayette Hotel

[MARCH 3rd, 2019]

Award winning jazz pianist and organist Robert Sanders performed at the Grand Fayette Hotel. 

Guest enjoyed jazz music and a gourmet buffet prepared by Chefs Kathy and George Valtasaros. 

In his 60 year career, Sanders has performed throughout the United States, Europe and South America. He has appeared as a guest lecturer and performer at the Zeit Music Festival in Freiburg, Germany. Most recently, Sanders received a special invitation to be President Alvaro Uribe Velez’s guest and perform at Columbia’s Independence Bicentennial Celebration in Bogota, Columbia.

Sanders has become a bit of a legend over 60 years of composing, performing, lecturing, producing and directing in the jazz and R&B genres. He has collaborated on music for the movie “Lord of the Rings”, and performed with the Houston and Dallas Symphony.

Many thanks to everyone who attended Jazz Brunch II. Your support and patronage allows us to continue to bring arts and education to rural Texas.