"Out of Context" by Anne Brennan Vela

ARTS for Rural Texas was pleased to exhibit Anne Brennan Vela’s “Out of Context” exhibition, at our Ross Gallery in Fayetteville.  "Out of Context" exhibition reflected the pushing of boundaries and exploring the creative possibilities of art. 

Anne begins with a blank canvas and a clear mind, to take herself on an artistic journey to an unknown masterpiece. By bending the conventional rules of art and not allowing the paint to have boundaries, Anne expresses her original artistry through her creativity. In this series "Line Dancing" she has spent the past year working on both paper and canvas. Anne strives to omit seeing realistic forms in her works. Her mission is to allow her art to begin a conversation and take on a personal meaning and interpretation to the viewer. 

Artist, and native Texan, Ann Brennan Vela has expressed her passion for the arts for over 40 years. Currently living in San Antonio, Anne is a member of the Texas Watercolor Society, American & National Watercolor Society, the San Antonio Art League & Museum, and the New Braunfels Art League. 

“There is nothing more wonderful than viewing a piece of art that speaks to your soul and I hope that my art may do that for others.” – Anne Brennan Vela.